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To judge or not to judge? It is very easy do considerations on the other people judging them, this judgement when it is based on our own intuition, he gives an appearance that we can read the thoughts of the other ones, in general the people act like this because they are not put in the position of the other, as the objective. Situations "seemingly critics" could simply be resolved if we tried to know the reasons of what spoke, that they wrote.

When we have a different position a noble attitude it would be to disagree with class and respect, same when convicts should know that can be right or wrong, and for that we needed to be open to accept the truth, whenever it happens and it is possible does him before the other and it will find to the truth, and the every individual the right can be given of exposing their convictions without impediments. It would not be ethical to do you criticize depreciative, and to speak of the other ones for the backs is an attitude still worse, we should always grant the answer right.

Meanwhile we can question, Would it exist true absolute? It would be said that of the humanistic point of view, not. But this answer doesn't satisfy the men that continue lacking a model, one that if it turned in a pattern. The lack of this model has been leading many in the road of the relativism. They say not to exist true absolute. Can we affirm that when we spoke about the human attitude? No. No there is not even absolute truth in that what the men believe the truth to be? Also not. The "truths" a lot of times are conditioned the culture and the society in that the people live. Therefore some believe that they can make his own truth, acting with words and actions based on their own feelings that human beings can be susceptible to mistakes.

Therefore we needed the Absolute Truth, invariable, fair and without mistakes. I don't tell one more truth, but of the Absolute Truth.

The Scriptures also bring to our knowledge this wisdom, "you are ready to hear and late to speak; you don't judge according to the appearance, but according to the straight line justice", some people fearing the condemnation avoids to judge under any hypothesis, but it is clear here that it is not prohibited to judge, but before you judge according to the straight line justice, in other words, it is had to judge has subsidies for this, otherwise the judgement is frivolous, Jesus said: "you don't judge so that you are not judged, therefore with the same measure with that you measure you will measure again". In the counting of a crime the district attorney through accusation requests the beginning of the investigation, select the facts and lifted up to the proofs it is presented to the accusation before the justice, that will still allow the resource of the defense.

The judgement for the straight line justice will only be able to happen starting from the moment that we recognize the existence and the revelation of the Absolute Truth, that first subsists personified in the eternal character of God and later it was taught us even by him through his word. The people's negative reaction before the fact of an absolute truth to exist is due to the fear of the consequences of their actions, because she turns them responsible, which they in general ignore is that the absolute truth reveals us the unconditional love, in other words, Absolute Love of God to his creation, love that removes the whole fear. The absolute truth goes haul of the revelation of the law, she presents us THE Road that drives the eternal life, a full life, an abundant life. The absolute truth more than to reveal my flaws presents us the Absolute Love of God that gave us the middle, the road, a chance for each man to arrive to him, through the faith in his son Jesus Christ.

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